We All Worry―Now What?


From cosmetics pioneer, medical trailblazer, and sexual assault survivor Victoria Jackson comes the seminal guide to rising from endless worry and rumination to a life of empowered action.

Victoria Jackson doesn’t look like a worrier. In one of the greatest American success stories of our times, she went from surviving a childhood riddled with constant worry and anxiety to bootstrapping a cosmetics empire. In 1989, Victoria Jackson Cosmetics became the first line to be sold on TV, and generated a billion in sales. Her trademark “No Makeup” makeup aesthetic revolutionized the beauty industry.

Victoria, who was brutally attacked by the Pillowcase Rapist when she was 17, was too shaken to finish high school. Still, she possessed the one credential that matters—a survival instinct. But alongside that bravery, she carried a painful secret. As she taught millions the power of mascara, she grappled with crippling anxiety, at one point so debilitating that she couldn’t function. What happened in 2008 only intensified the dread. Victoria and her husband, Bill, heard the shocking news that their daughter, then 14, had neuromyelitis optica (NMO), a rare, potentially fatal autoimmune disorder. She was given four years to live. Victoria’s purpose became clear: finding a cure for NMO. Driven by a mom’s fierce determination, she traded mascara for medicine and established the Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation. Yet as she poured herself into that mission, she continued to battle a private anguish.

Now, for the first time during Victoria’s extraordinary rise in the business and medical-research worlds, she pulls back the curtain on the shame-filled reality she endured. In We All Worry—Now What?, she shares how she has navigated the path from overwhelming worry and other panic disorders to a life rich in courage and connection. The result is a five-part wellness journey to moving past self-sabotage and embracing freedom. “When we’re hit with an unimaginable crisis, how do we meet the moment?” Victoria writes. “Do we collapse in fear, or do we rise and act? How do we persevere against all odds? Those questions led me to write We All Worry—Now What?”

The book is structured around the Warrior Walk, five steps Victoria has taken to slow anxiety’s spiral and exit the rumination loop. The book’s sections are anchored with wisdom from luminaries including Gloria Steinem, Kris Jenner, Jane Fonda, Arianna Huffington, Jay Shetty, Sherry Lansing, Monica Lewinsky, Yogi Cameron, Aimée Mullins, and Maria Shriver. Throughout the narrative, readers will find real-world tools for navigating worry. The collection of voices, alongside a prescription that never preaches, make this book more than a traditional self-help volume. We All Worry—Now What? is a roadmap for awakening: to yourself, to a path of compassion, and to the life that becomes possible when we free ourselves from worry. “My journey is proof that we can separate ourselves from the panic,” Victoria says. “With the power of love and intention, anything is possible.”

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